yes, of course, you may order a whole cake!

Many of our dessert favorites are also available wholesale. Call the cafe during normal business hours or send us an email to inquire further and place an order.

+1 (415) 621-2380

round cakes

sacher torte two layers of chocolate made with almond flour, filled with royal blenheim apricot preserves and glazed with chocolate. serves 10-16. $75.

dobos torte the most famous cake of hungaryseven layers of eastern european style cake with intense chocolate buttercream, topped with a fan of maldon salt flecked caramel. serves 18. $120.

russian honey cake 9.5”
5-layer $65 serves 12-16
10-layer $120 serves 16-24
russian honey cake can be made as a tiered wedding cake. please inquire about pricing.

rectangular cakes

4” x 6" serves 5-8. $36.
4” x 12" serves 9-16. $70.
8” x 12" serves 20-30. $130.

esterhazy torte hazelnut meringue cake with vanilla buttercream 6-layers. please note special pricing is $40/$75/$140 for this cake.

mohnkuchen poppyseed cake with sour cherry lekvar 3-layers

kokusz torte coconut cake with seville orange and bergamot marmalade and chocolate glaze 4-layers

apricot walnut torte walnut browned-butter cake with shortcrust pastry, royal blenheim apricot preserves and chocolate glaze 3-layers

please do note, that due to the handmade quality of our cakes, a 20% service charge will be added to large wholesale orders | thank you for your understanding and for your continued support of our antiquated, laborious practices